Withdraw from yETH vault didnt go to my wallet

Hi guys, I just tried to withdraw some ETH from the yETH vault. The tx went through but i did not receive the ETH to my wallet. I spun up another withdraw tx from the vault to inspect and noticed the transaction was setup to go from my wallet to another. I dont want to give the tx id because i dont want to share my address. Any hints ? or can someone tell me how to properly withdraw from the vaults? thanks in advance

My first guess would be that you actually received WETH, not ETH—this happened to me when I withdrew and was a bit confused as well!

You’ll need to swap it. When I did it I used 1inch, but you can also use relay.

Also, in the future—best to take questions like this to our discord server—lots more people around to help you more quickly there :slight_smile:.

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YES! that is what happened. I received wETH. Thanks dude