How do I get my money out of the Yearn vault

I am new to Crypto. I try to take my money out of the Yearn Vault, I only have a couple hundred dollars in there and they want to charge me $1000 to take it out. How do I fix this? I am not paying those kind of gas fees. Please, help me. Thank you!


which vault is that?


I put 71 Dao in your vault then tried to access the next step to get my sushi and :cucumber: but at this point I am pretty sure I just gave Yearn $ that I don’t have access to and I am not in the contract besides my sending address since your UI is garbage, improving but this was prior to those basic UI changes.

So when you read the faq try to follow it and just end up with a $13 sushi token which I had to go through multiple defi dapps to see wtf is going on.

Thanks for fixing this just recently so more people who are looking to be first adopters do not send Ether to oblivion. I invested in a skinny 19 year olds idea of Ethereum before the code was written, made off well in 2017 as ETH peaked and due to life events cashed out Genesis block Ether, missed out on multiple forks, had my apartment robbed, cleaned out of all electronics and literally anything of value like old laptops with BTC wallets with at the time small amounts of BTC that is now in the physical ether.

I can see where it is but I have no mechanism to access it.

Probably there are people who have invested much more but I choose to test things before investing in them. From a non-crypto, normal persons perspective all this is very high risk investing into new systems.

Once I am more proficient in coding I may contribute more or just sell my YFI for something more promising.

A good looking UI could have been the difference in serious investment and passing altogether.

This is a retroactive complaint that has been gone over already however a sign of good faith is to return non properly executed txns to the sender address.

If we are voting on minting including sub $300 txn returns for those who may have missed a step would be a good sign of faith. Faith is what gives value, without it things are worthless, I do not need to explain this concept to anyone who bothers to read this.


This last week gas fees have been very high, but today they are mildly lower so it might be a good time to try again.

Also note that this is a governance forum and not for technical support or help. If you need help with yearn I would ask in #support on our discord or in our telegram. If anyone has questions ask in the chats and we can give you real time help.