Problem with Withdrawl

Hiya boys! I wanted to see if can help me, I was trying to withdraw from my V2 USDC vault and when the pre-view screen in wallet confirmation (Trust Wallet) appear to pay a fee gas price of $ 600 u$s / $ 700 u$s, which seems crazy to me. Attached screenshot. If anyone knows something, it would be a good help.


this isn’t a Yearn problem, this is Ethereum problem. too many ERC20 tokens and not enough nodes to create competition. Ethereum network makes WesternUnion wire fees look like a charity operation.
I don’t foresee a good ending unless ETH2 can fix the problem.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

Good luck to us all.


Correct this is a gas price issue. I would use and wait till gas is ideally below 60 gwei, but under 100 is decent as well to interact with the yearn vaults / Ethereum in general. For more help please ask in #support in our discord.

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