Help With Zap Function

After withdrawing my funds from the ycrv vault, I’d like to move the funds back into usdc. When I try to use the zap tool with my Coinbase wallet connected it gives an error that says the following.

It continues to say “unable to determine fee, please try again later.”

Any idea how to fix or have you seen this?

Both Coinbase and Trust wallets are having issues interacting with the yearn smart contracts.

I have heard issues with other protocols too.

You can load your seed phrase into meatmask and you should have no issues

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I’m having the same issue. Metamask won’t link correctly to Yearn’s page on iOS.

So I’m stuck using Coinbase Wallet. I was charged $1.75 for Zap conversion…Then I received the same error as OP. I wait an hour or two - try to Zap my funds back into Dai…Same issue.

If you need help with troubleshooting, I would recommend heading to the #support channel in Yearn’s Discord server.

The forums are meant for governance discussion and not support, so I’m closing out this topic.