Staking YFI but no reward!

I am staking almost 2 YFI on ygov-finance
See below details.
I do not understand why I have no rewards available.
Is this the right place to stake YFI ? I own those 2 YFI and would like to stake it forever with the best possible APY. Can you please let me know what i am doing wrong.
Thanks much for the help.

========== STAKING =========
There are total : 36666 YFI.
There are total : 686.3752603442272 YFI staked in YFI governance pool (1.87% of total YFI)
= $17,070,152.72

You are staking : 1.9985 YFI (0.291% of the pool)
= $49,702.70

Votelock : NO

======== yCRV REWARDS ========
Reward rate : 0 yCRV per 1 YFI per week

Claimable Rewards : 0 yCRV = $0
Hourly estimate : 0 yCRV = $0.00 (out of total 0 yCRV)
Daily estimate : 0 yCRV = $0.00 (out of total 0 yCRV)
Weekly estimate : 0 yCRV = $0.00 (out of total 0 yCRV)

Hourly ROI in USD : 0%
Daily ROI in USD : 0%
Weekly ROI in USD : 0%
APY (unstable) : 0%

YFI gov staking has been deprecated please withdrawal. You will not earn anything staking there. You are free to deposit in our YFI vault to earn yield on your YFI. You can try to withdrawal via or use etherscan directly as outlined in this tweet storm below:

If you have any questions feel free to ask us in our discord and we can help you out. This forum is for governance and not support, thanks.