Ygov staking rewards


Could someone please help me out and explain why my ygov staked YFI is not yielding any rewards for the pass few days? Is there stats page to also see the rate of yield for the ygov stake?

Thank you!

It’s because this YIP has been approved: YIP 36: System Rewards as Operational Capital

So for now the treasury is growing, you can follow here: https://app.zerion.io/0xfeb4acf3df3cdea7399794d0869ef76a6efaff52/overview

Once the treasury wallet reaches 500k usd then rewards will start flowing to gov rewards.


Stupid question. But which one should we use ?
If you check on zerion and on zapper it doesn’t show the same number … And both were shared on twitter.

Is it the full wallet that is important ? So currently around 300 k $ ? In that case zerion is much better to use

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