YFI governance staking rewards?

Hi there,

For those who are staking and voting with their YFI tokens…
What seems to be the average APY from the fee aggregation of the gov 2.0 staking contract via ygov-finance?

I’ve been trying to find the monthly fees that are distributed to YFI gov 2.0 stakers, but can’t find it anywhere!

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

You can find them here.

Though I think the YFI vault also deposits to the governance contract atm, so there shouldn’t be too much difference between the two.


I only have .03 YFi staked sinceOctober and have earned $4.04. Maybe next year I can afford to pay the gas fees to unstake.


me to… Think it’s big problem

by increasing value of yfi derivatives and staking pool capacity

IMO from the Boardroom
An expansion rate of 3% (TWAP) by stake seigniorage share and earning inflationary rewards with yfi + ycrv withdraw locks until the next epoch. But we can not go back and change vote setting consensus, but only adjust to the current demand and anticipate the following growing projects.


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