LeXpunK Initial Projects for Feedback

Hi All - Below is the first slate of proposed projects for the LeXpunK Builder Defense DAO.

We are submitting these to the community with a signaling poll for feedback and welcome your thoughts, which can be posted here or on an ongoing basis in the LeXpunK forum, on additional pursuits and considerations as we pursue the initial slate of projects below. Each project will be fleshed out with additional qualitative criteria and specifications when the working group applications process is announced.

As you can see below, most projects have a budget range. The Multisig will decide the amount of actual payment to be allocated to each project based on the actual work product produced and we will be utilizing Coordinape to pay the bounties to those who worked on the projects.

Proposed Spend on Contributed Funds - Tranche 1 (start of Q4 2021 - end of Q1-2022)

- Operations | $150k (fund coordinator pay ($3k per project) & misc. expenses)

- DAO Structure & Risk Mitigation Bounties:
o Build DAO Coop / Labor Union Model | $15k min, up to $150k
o Model Foundation / DAO back-to-back docs / structure | $15k min, up to $100k
o Limited liability for DAOs, forking California nonprofit unincorporated association statute | $20k min, up to $100k
o DAO tax safe harbor (cross-category) - proposal to establish a safe harbor for smart contract systems that if they pay a ‘greater of’ %-based or flat tax, they will fit into safe harbor for certain tax-related risks
o Guidance paper regarding DAO legal claim standing, attorney client privilege issues, and proposed model structures and parameters for proper DAO legal defense funding | $25k min, up to $60k

- Model Legislation/Regulation Bounties:
o Section 409A amendment to improve tax treatment of vesting token awards + fork of yearn vesting contract that complements the amendment proposal | $25k min, up to $50k (legal) ; $50k flat (smart contract)
o Fork of Hester Peirce Safe Harbor (address lack of smart contract coverage & other issues) | $20k min, up to $100k
o Amendments to Beyer Crypto Bill (carve-out algo stablecoins, improve desecuritization process, better - clarity on not covering DeFi) | $10k min, up to $50k
o DAO tax safe harbor (cross-category) - proposal to establish a safe harbor for smart contract systems (i.e., if pay a “greater of” %-based or flat tax, a safe harbor for certain tax-related risks will apply)

- Policy/Legal Position Paper Bounties
o Position paper on why DeFi smart contract transactions do not meet definitions of ‘swap’ | $50k min, up to $200k
o Why Worker-Driven DeFi communities are different from VC-backed communities and legal ramifications | $10k
o DeFi Functional Overview (functional overview, review against risk frameworks, discuss implications/application of CEA) | $50k
o Position paper on the MiCA Commission’s proposal, its potential application to DeFi protocols and basis for why its application should be limited in scope and recommendations / modifications of the existent rules to cover risks posed | $30k min, up to $40k
o Workable AML/KYC Compliance Model - compliance for regulated entities at fiat on and off-ramps | $15k

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I want to clarify that this is not an additional request for funding — this is an open request for feedback on how LexPunK will spend the money already received via grants from yearn and other DAOs.

All feedback is welcome!


Yearn is the forefront of defi. To me it comes naturally that it helps to fight for the cause and is able to show its users that they’re well connected to legal expertise. Unique selling point imo.

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Hi @1Merchantking

If you are looking to give feedback on what proposals are included in the initial list, you can give it in this thread or in our forum here.

If you are looking to submit an additional topic for consideration by the Multisig, you can submit on the LeXpunK forum here.

If you would like to be staffed on a proposal, we hope you will join the Army (if you havent already) by submitting an intake here: LeXpunK: Join the Army and then applying to be staffed on a proposal by following the steps here: Staffing Process for Proposals - LeXpunK.

Hope this answers your question!


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