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Hi Yearners. During this summer, Yearn has performed some major investments, mainly in 2 topics:

  1. Anniversary campaign: our Blue Pill campaign (which I believe still has one surprise coming). I believe we spent $600K approx on it. Can core members provide some KPIs and post-mortem on how it went? Any learning and impact on financials would be appreciated. I believe this is the biggest marketing investment we’ve done so curious to know how it has performed.

  2. LexDAO raise: we participated with $1mio to fund LexDAO to start working on the legal aspects of DEFI and DAOs. Do we have any deliverable, checkpoints, meetings, agreed agenda that can be shared? I can check LexDAO twitter, etc, but I’m more interested on what yearn is currently getting, or planning to get. It is a big investment, so I would expect we are on top of it and working very closely together. If you can share any deliverable, that would be great.

Today, I became aware of: The grant amount is not disclosed, but through ychad we will know the amount. There was no governance vote, so I believe the grant is small. The project looks cool, but would love to know what are we expecting to see from this grant and the amount. There are similar projects with working product, with traction and revenue model which we could invest on. Not sure what was the approach on funding, if we did research the industry or not.


Hey ser,

The blue pill cost I think 60k and has had a wonderful impact. I’ve asked if there are any data to share.

The grant was small and i wasn’t involved in it at all but it looks pretty awesome.

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LeXpunK Army has established a multisig structure to govern the LeXpunK funding contributed by Yearn, Lido and Curve. The multisig keys are held by Yearn, Lido, Curve and a group of LeXpunKers. The Yearn key is held by the Yearn treasury multisig (@andre.cronje is also an individual multisig key holder, since he set up the multisig).

Currently a group including me and other LeXpunKers is working with this multisig to define a 6-month slate of specific projects, each associated with a specific bounty out of the LeXpunK-earmarked funding. Once cleared with the multisig, this list of specifics will be run back through the Yearn, Lido and Curve communities for feedback.


Hey Miguel! Long time no see. It’s great to see you here again. Let’s bring some clarity to these topics.

The Blue Pill

As Trach said, the Blue Pill campaign cost was around $60K. From what I saw in your telegram conversation with other members, you might be referring to the YFI sent to long-term contributors. This was long due and was done following the proper process in YIP-61

LexDAO funding

This funding was voted by all of us, YFI holders :large_blue_circle:. You can see the details in YIP-63.

If there’s anything particular that you, or other community members, want to see as an output for this, create a proposal here in the forum. That’s the best way to discuss and share our different ideas in a public way. So all of us can chime in and share our thoughts. One of the things I love about our community is the diversity in opinions and points of view.

I actually had a concern about that proposal and asked in comments here. I want everyone to benefit from this.

Atlantis World Grant

We are all about transparency. So you can find this in YFIStats, you will see there all the details. It’s tagged as Atlantis0x. SPOILER: it was $10K.

The amount was not disclosed because the grant is not about the money, but about supporting builders that can bring positive value to Yearn and the whole ecosystem.

Grants don’t need a governance vote, please check out YIP-61. TL;DR yBudget has the power to create budgets for grants. But, this is not set in stone. If you think that’s not right and it should be different, you have the power, as YFI Holder, to remove that power from yBudget. Just create a proposal and propose a different process for grants, or any other things you think can be done better.

Mea culpa

For the sake of transparency, after your post, I realized I screwed. I led this grant and I didn’t go through the proper process :raising_hand_man: . I’m sorry I didn’t follow the correct approach. I’ll ask yBudget for approval now. If I don’t get it, I’ll give back the full amount to Yearn treasury, no hard feelings.

Let’s continue discussing

I cannot stress enough the importance of discussing this kind of stuff. We don’t want tension around spending. Everything we do, we do it with one objective: make Yearn bigger and better. It’s not only about numba go up, TVL and fees, but also about supporting the ecosystem and the whole community. We want to make a dent, leave a mark. It’s not only investment, it’s also activism (a friend told me that).

We can improve in transparency and a lot of other aspects, and we need you guys for this to happen. I still remember when a community member created YFIStats, and now we are using it for our financials. Huge shoutout to the yBudget team, they take care of all the labeling of transactions.

The info is there, the core team cannot build everything. So feel free to build something new, create a new process and make a YIP, or just reach out to collab so we can improve.


I believe the 60K are production costs only. There are salaries and fees also paid for this right?

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Beautiful. Any ETA for the 6-months slate to be communicated?

BTW: I checked the msig, I think curve still needs to make the transaction for the funding right?


Thanks for the info Facu!!!

As I mentioned in my answer to Trach, the 60K$ are production costs for printing, not the fees for creating the concept, copywritting an the visuals, correct?

On the grant topics of Atlantis: as I understand it doesn’t need to be voted. Cool!, but then the LexDAO is not a grant? or it is because it is a higher amount of money and then we vote it?

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Not exactly. We wrote the copy internally and with the help of one contractor who was paid 5k for that and other things as well. The 60k went to an external agency that did the production: visuals, illustration, typography, and layout. One other contributor did some illustrations as well that were not paid for directly (this person is compensated for general help to yearn via yPeople). So the total costs outside of normal team compensation were like 60k plus about half of that 5k.

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LexPunK is a grant. We have multiple ways of funding things at yearn. One is yBudget. One is via the normal YIP process.

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Trach shared the details about the Blue Pill. He’s more up-to-date about the details.

Yes, yBudget has the power to do the LexDAO grant, but for us, it felt right to do it via governance. Put it out there for everyone to see what was it about.

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thanks for the input. The more I ask the more money I dig xD now some 2.5K extra. The main point of my inquiry is not the quantities, but how we allocate the budgets: grants, fees, productions, salaries and vesting. I think in this case we have followed an special approach compared to other cases.

Maybe that is the learning to take from this. I personally don’t agree on how it was done.

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Commenting to keep the thread open while we wait for that data about Blue Pill campaign.


What data would you like to have?

To join the multisig, you have to maka a proposal to change MS signers and it has to pass. About Lexpunk, you should contact them.

As a LexPunK Army member (It’s LexPunk, not LexDAO :slight_smile:), I am deeply grateful for the grant given by Yearn.

A worldwide movement of brilliant crypto-lawyers, developers and legal engineers has been created and will produce an incredibly useful output. The interests are all aligned and go in the direction of defending the space and safeguarding people who work in the industry.


Hi All - We put out our first slate of proposed projects here for feedback.


This one mentioned here.

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