DAO members introduce yourselves!

Hi there,

I have been following this project from minute 1 and decided to contribute from now as it shows promise to become a truly decentralized DAO (thanks to the satoshiesque dev). By contributing I mean: engaging in discussions, voting on proposals, providing liquidity, farming yield, spreading the word, etc.

However, I kind of feel the need to do some due diligence on the people behind the project before becoming too invested (both financially and mentally). Now it’s easy to find out more about Andre Cronje, but who, for example, are the signatories of the multi-signature wallet? Why have they become the signatories, what are their interests, what is their motivation, what are their affiliations?

Crypto allows us to stay anonymous, but it’s not trustless as so many claim. We do trust in cryptography, in the people writing the code, in the people holding the keys, etc. So if you want to introduce yourself, giving a friendly face to this community and building trust in it, please go ahead :slight_smile:

I don’t expect that guy who’s currently farming with $25 miIlion to reveal his identity :-), but at least the signatories should do so (and everybody else who wants to share his motivation, interests, affiliations can do so as well - no need to reveal your identity in that case).

In best case, this post doesn’t only help me gain the confidence that this DAO is worth getting invested in!


Hi there, I am just a $YFI nerd.

Hello :smiley: I am a Crypto, Dao, and Defi enthusiast. Looking forward to participating in this awesome DAO with you all.

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thanks :slight_smile: looks like this post didn’t really catch any interest though, but there’s arguably more important stuff to do right now (governance :)).


Hi there. I’m definitely fascinated by the $YFI protocol and community. I’m trying to build some other crypto projects, which I won’t shill here, but trying to learn as much as I can. Here to learn from the YFI nerds and hopefully contribute a bit


I’m a student (and tinkerer) of the new economy. Been fascinated by blockchain tech for nearly 5 years. Trying to learn more about the financial end, by mingling with the giants.