How to work for a DAO Video series

I did this video with Andre some time ago.
Been super keen to get involved and use my skill sets in the Yearn DAO ecosystem.

It is still to be honest kinda hard to find a good way to deploy my skills or how to get started to contribute to this amazing ecosystem most of the work done so far I just all did it for free but would like to know and document and even put on Video how to start working for a DAO.

What I would like to build is basically a couple of how-to video’s and a deeper dive into the ecosystem.
Also I want to work out my YFI Fundamental report and investment thesis.

Please let me know what is the best next step and cant wait to get more involved in the Yearn Ecosytem. Thank you.


Very cool! We’d love to have you and for sure need more content creators in the yearn ecosystem. Most of the working groups are on telegram and also discord. I will reach out via dm and help you get started.

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