Content Creator (introduction and idea solicitation)

Hello YFI community. My name is Eduardo (but call me “E”). I am a content creator and new YFI community member. Watched all the hype the last few months and have been learning more and more each day. Finally bought some YFI and locked some GUSD in a vault.

I am making this post to introduce myself and to solicit community ideas for content. What would you like to see/ what is most needed.

I have don’t tutorial videos and interviews on my YT channel in the past.

I think something amazing is happening here (although I cant quite put my finger on it).

I want to get involved and am looking to hear from you all.

please comment below what you would like to see on my YT channel


Hi E! Glad to have you in the Yearn community.

The forums are mainly for discussion of governance issues—although we do have a section to post resources and other useful knowledge base items.

Realistically, if you’re looking for more input on what people would like to see, I would recommend checking out our Discord, where you might get a better idea of where to start.

Since you’re new, you also have a unique viewpoint. If you’re looking to make useful videos for people new to Yearn, I would recommend making videos/explainers on things that you don’t understand and that you can’t easily find explanations for, since you are basically your own target audience!

I’m closing this topic out for now, but feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or just join in the discussion here or on discord to learn more about Yearn.