Lexpunk legal defense protocol v.1 resource

Hi All - Just wanted to drop in and make sure everyone is aware of the LeXpunK work product that is dropping and available as a resource.

As part of our “DAO Structure & Risk Mitigation” efforts, LeXpunK recently pushed out the LeXpunK Legal Defense Protocol v.1

This work product has several integral pieces that we want to highlight as the scope of this effort increased dramatically from what we origially set out to do. Quick reminder that all of the resources we produce are open-source available on the LeXpunK GitHub but links are included below to the Defense Protocol for ease of reference:

  1. The Operator’s Manual. The manual summarizes the legal threat landscape for DAOs/Multisigs and provides within the manual guidance to address these. NOTE: read the disclaimers, we are not your lawyers and you will need your own on this - goal is that you wont have to invent the wheel, that is the objective of the manual - it is a good faith effort at creating the wheel.
  2. LeXpunK Form of DAO Charter - model DAO Charter to allow DAO members to set certain ground rules about the nature of the DAO’s purposes and rules.
  3. LeXpunK Form of DAO/Multisig Joint Defense Agreement - a really important type of agreement that enables persons participating in unincorporated DAOs/Multisigs to obtain the benefits of attorney-client confidentiality and attorney-client privilege when prosecuting or defending claims where they share a mutuality of interest, claims or defenses. Note: This agreement also includes a Joinder Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agrement as exhibits.
  4. LeXpunK Form of Multisig Participation Agreement, which enables Multisig participants to set certain ground rules about the nature of their activities, responsibilities to their communities and responsibilities to one another.
  5. LeXpunK Model Yield Disclaimers for yield-bearing DeFi protocols.

The LeXpunK Legal Defense Protocol is intended to be an evolving open-source community-driven legal risk management toolkit. Accordingly, we are calling this first batch of documents “v. 1.0” but anticipate there is much room for improvement of these forms, as well as adding new tools, as cryptolaw evolves and the LeXpunK Army continues pursuing its mission.

We love feedback - let us know what you think and what you would like to see added to the Protocol next!

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