Let's give Cover NFTs a new face

We are launching a contest to find the best series of artwork to be the face of yInsure NFTs. To participate you have to submit 2 images. One main image for each and every insurance taken, and another for insurance taken by whales (100+ ETH) coverage.

To provide some inspiration, the theme is: insurance, protection, safe, calm, serenity, shield, cover, peace of mind, armor, defense.

The art will replace the gradient on this NFT:


The submission period opens on October 15th and lasts for 48 hours, so you have 2 weeks to produce yAmazing artwork.

Make sure to wait until the 15th before you publish your work—you don’t want to spoil the reveal!

How to submit?

  • Publish a tweet with the hashtag: #yRari and tag @iearnfinance and @rarible between October 15 and 17

  • Technical specifications: JPG/PNG file format, 20 MB max file size, no maximum/minimum dimensions


  • Be the art cover of all insurance NFTs
  • Have all your art featured in Rarible’s marketplace (soon when this is available)
  • Receive yUSD 2000

Be sure to promote your art, we have a surprise for the artist who gets more likes.

Big thanks to @learnyearn (Blue Kirby) for donating yUSD 500 for the prizes :clap:

Finalists are here: Grand finale a new face for Cover NFTs - #3 by saltyfacu


Just to be sure, this contest is for creating two artworks and not two logos, right?

The contest is for creating 2 art pieces. I added a sample of how you’d see it now. We are trying to improve that.


do you need a space to put the plateforme and the amount ?

That sounds great! Thank you for the clarification.

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It’s not a must. We can put it on the art, as it is now on the gradient. Maybe a tint for each protocol?

ok ^^ will do it if i win, a lot of work otherwise :wink:

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Can a person submit multiple entries?

(Considering that One Entry = Submission of 2 Images)

Oh yes, you can submit multiple entries. We will pay attention to quality also so be sure you don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

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Of course! Thanks again.

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Hi guys, are we creating a logo? Or do we use the YFI logo? Just want to be super clear? So two sets of artwork? What dimensions? Any color pattettes etc? Awesome stuff.

Also, do we use the screen shot as a mock? Overlay your text on it etc? If so can yo show a screenshot of the other square that we can use and overlay on our art.

Hey! The contest is not for the logo but for the image contained in the NFT. You can use YFI logo. The dimensions are free and the palette also. Let your imagination fly!

Take into account that it’s going to replace the current gradient in the NFT.

The screenshot is just a guide for you to have an idea of what it looks like today. There has to be some place to put the info, but we can just overlay it as it is today.

We are willing to change how information is shown and we can work together with the winner to show the art and the info in the best way possible.

Awesome! Thanks dude!

do we include andre buddy or not?

Oh yes, if you want to you can use a Andre, Kirby, the Pink Panther. It’s up to you. We will value creativity :slight_smile:

have to send 2 photos of artwork, are there any sample photos, so that I don’t get confused about the 1-2 photos?

do you have a group on telegram / discord to ask others in the group?

Hey! You have to send 2 art pieces. The sample is the one on the post, with the gradient and the info. You can ask here :slight_smile: