Partner up with Rarible for NFT insurance?

It’s Alex from Rarible here!

Rarible is a top3 NFT marketplaces our there (according to a with a volume of more than $1.7m over the last month.

Just read about yinsurance policies as NFTs and it strikes me as i’ve been dreaming about NFT packages with tokens and insurance inside. Although it’s not that yet, but i’m just amazed to see NFT insurance introduced.

How about we create a special place for these NFT insurances on Rarible?


This is a great opportunity for packaging the insurance products via NFTs to create various bundled insurance products.

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Yes, this is really a great opportunity two forward-thinking companies in the spaces of DEFI and NFT should do a collab !!


I love this. Rarible could be a great retail “shop” for people to purchase yearn-labeled insurance, and maybe later, income generating products, who knows? You have a great platform - I see Rarible right now where Amazon was when it was just a bookstore. Lots of potential, and yearn is the perfect partner to explore it with you.

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Closing this one to streamline discussion about NFTs: Proposal: NFT design contest in collaboration with RARI, SuperRare etc.

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