Proposal: NFT design contest in collaboration with RARI, SuperRare etc


Launch a contest, a call for artists to design the most beautiful insurance covers as NFT on Rarible/SuperRare etc… Let’s make insurance sexy!

(if you don’t know what are NFT, here’s a long guide. Lazy? Here’s a Twitter thread about NFTs)

Abstract & motivation:

2020 is a dark year for art, major festivals were canceled, museums and galleries struggle to make ends meet, residencies are killed by travel restrictions and so on… Ask any artist out there, this year is cursed (as an artist I can confirm this as well). Thankfully digital collectibles and artworks minted as NFT (non fungible tokens) are all the rage, virtual art is booming.

Platforms like Rarible, SuperRare, Known Origin, Async art and OpenSea are leading the way for the future of digital art and physical art on the blockchain.

Yearn with yInsure (underwritten by Nexus Mutual) is leading the way in Crypto insurance, and now people are opening covers on yInsure and packaging them into NFTs that can be sold to anyone. This is huge and innovative!

Problem is, insurance was never sexy, so let’s merge best of both world and create the most beautiful NFT-packed-insurances in Crypto.


Partner with Rarible (hey Alex :wave:t2: @rarible) and other platforms such as SuperRare to launch a contest. Form a jury and vote on the best NFTs, create some great prizes for the winners (maybe some super scarce YFI tokens? YFI merch? Invitation to the Tokyo party?). This would be mutually beneficial to Yearn, to artists and to those platforms (win-win-win).

Artists could play with a lot of concepts, a few ideas:

  • Sci-fi, insurance = protective shield, think energy shields like in Star Trek
  • Fantasy+Medieval, insurance = protective spells, citadels, castles, armors
  • Abstract, insurance = peace of mind, tranquility, calm, confidence, zen

We could have static images, VR/AR pieces, animated pieces etc… Technically it could even be a physical limited-edition object drop similar to what the MetaFactory have been doing.

Examples of digital/crypto art:

Meta-cognition by Frenetikvoid, used for the last Ethereal summit cover

Limited edition YFI hoodie by MetaFactory, limited to 100.

One of their previous NFT drops included bombers with RFID chips inside of them that had matching 3D NFT and DAO shares, all in one purchase. Picture below:

GIFs by Furezasan

Also by Furezasan

And many more… The possibilities and creativity are endless.

Winners could be picked in multiple categories:
Static, animated, physical object, most creative NFT, most technical NFT etc…

I’d be happy to help organize this and be part of the jury, I’m an established artist and I’ve run contests in the past.

Final note, if this is too specific we could also just have a more general contest backed by Yearn, not necessarily linked to Crypto Insurance. Constrain could be that the artwork need to incorporate the Yearn glyph (two arrows forming an infinity sign)

  • Organize a contest and call to artists for NFT artworks
  • Do nothing
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For transparency: I was inspired by Gabby Dizon who’s the first to have packed yInsure into NFTs, as Tweeted by @andre.cronje yesterday:

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Cross ref: Partner up with Rarible for NFT insurance?


100% support this.

Looks like a very “cool” way to mix YFI with another crypto-narrative: NFTs

Also, it will bring a different set of eyes to the Y-ecosystem, lots of potential for comms development and interaction with the NFT community, etc.

Nice idea!


Love this idea and love the rarible platform/NFTs

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Yeah, yfi could become the Amazon of blockchain, selling stuff like financial products aswell as yinsurance backed by nfts, music backed by nfts on the way… yfi sweatshirts, the fastest unicorn on the space for sure.

Very, very interesting idea! I’d love to participate and help seeing this come to life!
Insurance NFTs just exploded on Rarible thanks to Gabby and the whole yInsureNFT collection and a cover artwork is definitely needed! The blank image with “Could not load asset” text right now is not honoring this great idea, to say the least :slight_smile:

I love the idea. This will incentivize people to take insurance and also enlarge the community.


I dig it! Yearn = best yields, best memes, and of course, PoG.


The artistic branding is a strong idea.

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