Issues trying to cast a vote?

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I have Staked my funds in the gov contract at
I can see the funds are staked (and no longer in my wallet)
(I waited a day for good measure)
When I go to vote on the linked proposal, I can select a vote, but the modal popping up says I have “0” YFI voting power.
// if I try to cast still, I get a metamask popup to sign, but clicking sign results in a “Timestamp error”
// (if I simply check (in the voting section) for Open proposals, the linked one does NOT appear… but ppl are voting in it as per the thread?)

My metamask activity shows Approve>Register>Stake actions
If I go in the staking section of the site, I can see my stake in there, and some rewards, but if I try to collect rewards off it won’t let me (presuming because no vote has gone through?)

If I try to UNSTAKE my YFI, it goes through normally, back in my wallet. (with the locking mechanism expected to be 3 days after a vote, this seems to hint at no vote of mine having been cast)

Cheers for anyone pointing me in the right direction how to look at things and/or help untangling the knots!
(using Brave/Shields off/Metamask)

This probably means that you didn’t have the YFI in your wallet at the time of the snapshot. Look at the snapshot on the vote page, and look at what block you staked the YFI. I’m guessing you probably staked it after the snapshot was taken.


I saw the “0 YFI voting power” message as well. I tired to cast regardless and it was successful for me. If you haven’t already, try a browser refresh to resync your wallet and perhaps it will clean up the MetaMask timestamp error.

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@dudesahn I think you’re right re: snapshot time - I might not have been governance-staked then.

As to the “Oops, Wrong timestamp” error it was gone after I manually adjusted my clock within a second of the time shown at (my machine never syncs properly, wonder if that could have anything to do with vpn.)

Although I did see a “you Voted” message once I clicked on “Vote” and signed through metamask, I can’t seem to find a trace of my (Unique YFI #) vote in the tally, nor of my address last 4.

=> How can I check that my vote went through?

Thanks for the help team

That would probably make sense for me. But i’m not getting any messages or seeing any text at all. I just see pulsing grey bars.