Getting YFI Listed on Centralized Exchanges

Our supported exchanges are very interested in getting YFI listed on them.

Usually, there are market makers that support the price on an exchange. Additionally, the initial liquidity needs to be sourced from somewhere.

If there is any interest, would love to work with someone on making this a reality.

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I have plenty of experience getting tokens on exchanges big and small. The three things they care about most are market cap, volume, and community all of which YFI exceedingly has.

From my observation, only exchanges in the top tier exchanges are worth the effort of getting listed on. That’s simply where vast majority the action is taking place. Binance, in particular, has a lengthy due diligence process and don’t get me started on the compliance procedures that US exchanges like Coinbase do for potential listings.

I have a few friends at OKEx, Huobi, and KuCoin I can hit up to see what the possibility is for listing. It may be worth for the bigger exchanges to have those most aware of YFI developments or have close ties with said exchanges to take care of those.

YFI is unique compared to most crypto projects due to the truly decentral origin story and community that has built up around it. I am sure most exchanges have taken a hard look at YFI and are deciding whether to list or not.

Honestly, anyone in the community can just submit a request in any exchange customer service portal saying that they want YFI listed. That’s always a simple way to start.


@yearn I apologize, let me clarify.

I am a representative of AlphaPoint, which builds the technology that supports digital asset exchanges. We power exchanges across the globe.

Our client exchanges are VERY interested in listing YFI. I am trying to get YFI listed on their exchanges ASAP.

In order for YFI to be listed, there needs to be coins that are provided to the exchange that are then available for sale to the exchange’s end users.

Additionally, it would be smart to have market makers supporting the price of YFI.


Idealy there should be DeFi/CeFi bridge build.
I think there can be trust lockup that then go’s into more centrilized market makers where the companies that do so sign a messages.

Would be happy to pool some YFI





The problem is the YFI dao doesn’t have any YFI at all so we can’t give it for Market Making. The best exchanges can do is make advanced notice so users can deposit their YFI for trading, maybe a day or two in advance. If you need any info about our token or stats the YFI team can get that to you.


Also, even if the DAO did have extra YFI– I don’t think this is a reasonable request. These big exchanges (Binance, Huobi, FTX) listed YFI because they saw an opportunity to make money on trading fees– plain and simple.

Like @Dark said, if the exchanges want to list it, they should be free to do so by opening up deposits to their users.


“In order for YFI to be listed, there needs to be coins that are provided to the exchange that are then available for sale to the exchange’s end users.”

Totally against giving YFI for listings
If they want to list YFI, good for them.
They had the chance to farm it or get it in the open market, like everyone else.

No special treatment for CEX and no free YFI.

That’s my take.
Thanks for your interest.


I agree with @spacemonkey on this one.

Centralized Exchanges should just allow deposits and create liquidity mining incentives, this is what Loopring did. If they don’t want to do that, they’ll just have to get YFI from the current liquidity pools out there. I personally don’t think the Yearn community should have to collect YFI for CEXs convenience

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I am still learning the ropes around here; however, I think that @spacemonkey is right. Yfi is doing quite well without them, so if they they want to do it for free that’s fine.

Great pic. @Monica , thank you :hugs:

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agreed!! Bitcoin doesnt pay for listing!! :wink:

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And just like that, Coinbase Pro…