Let's take YFI to China

Hi Everyone,

Shall we allocate some some resources to create a wechat account and get the Chinese market sorted. China is a huge market waiting to be tapped, which could send YFI to over a billion market cap. If YFI is to become the global aggregators of digital capital we need exposure in China. At the moment given the market is already tested by the fork YFII, I think we should capitalise on YFI entering chinese market.

1)Translation on Yearn websites
2) Translation of Medium articles
3) Dedicated Wechat and Weibo account

Would love to hear any feedback from any locals in china? or native tongue speakers?


I’ve been following YFii via Dovey Wan on Twitter. Her view is that Chinese culture is very resistant to bottom-up governance (like, right here). They need a strong authority at the top or they don’t function well. She is Chinese, she grew up in China – so I take her seriously. She feels YFii will pump hard and then dump hard – and that will be that. She doesn’t think it will sustain.


I believe this is a good thing, the more people that fully understands YFI, the better.
However I think there is more urgent things to do/vote for at the moment, but if someone is willing to start translate the medium articles for free or just by accepting tips that would be a great thing.

We could start with translating medium articles by just using google translate and have someone that know Chinese proof read and fix if there are any errors.

agree…having chinese and korean translations/community will help a lot.

Agreed - anecdotally, there was significant Chinese liquidity farming YFI during the Genesis Week. That liquidity was initially slow to catch on because of the lack of Chinese community/discourse, and documents. Although the market will ultimately guide liquidity to where the returns are the best, it is helpful to reduce friction in that process.

Having Chinese resources help with that and am happy to assist with any of this, if needed.

Many people are already investing in the Chinese market!

Native Chinese here ready to provide any kind of help, e.g. translation, Wechat group…

Message me if you have any idea & needs :slightly_smiling_face:


If someone is willing to compile a list of articles, I’ll ask a Chinese translator I know. Can’t promise it be free, but I’ll see what I can manage. No promises.

Let’s do it! Chinese, Japanese, Korean. Also we can integrate the best stable coins for their currency if they are on eth currently. We should get it translated asap. Maybe we could use gitcoin grants to get translations finished sooner if people don’t want to do it for free? I would donate some to this fund.

Hi Guys,

Let me introduce myself first, My name is Mao who is a reporter in Chinese blockchain media Chainnews.com and I am also founding my own blockchain media in SEA named blocksapaper.com.

Yesterday, when I see all Chinese are crazy about YFII and even they know nothing about YFI. So I decided to create a YFI wechat group and also invite Andre to join to say hi. The group for now has over 250 members which are mainly Chinese DeFi players and some Chinese people who is also care about YFI’s governance but maybe have a language barrier.

I would like to help do the translation and build some social media channels. But maybe we can have a more detailed plan to make sure we can do it for long term? Can we create a work group on telegram first?


If you want to keep language-specific talks organized, feel free to join discord language channels:

Up for wechat!

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thank you for what u are doing


Thx dude. Much appreciated!

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Lets start a list of what needs to be completed:

  1. Chinese Twitter Account
  2. Weibo Account
  3. Wechat Account
  4. Translated Medium Articles
  5. Community manager

Feel free to add to this?

Any other countries after China?


Do you want to add translation for proposals?


Yes I think this is a really good idea, and even have a languages tab on yearn.finance and ygove.finance so people can select languages.


Japanese and Korean might be good too


Biggest markets, China, Russia, Korea, Japan, India.

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Chinese people can better help answer, promote the Chinese community.YFII is great, the group is active

Maybe we could use some of the emission to multisig to build up foreign communities? Similar to how ICO projects build up their communities using bounties and stuff.