Proposal to boost Korean involvement in YFI


We at UBB (Unblocked Block) would like to bring out our marketing skills to help boost engagement to the YFI Korean community and their involvement in the yearn ecosystem.


For a fee, 2,300 USD per month, from the community treasury, or the yDAO, we would like to help with the outreach to the Korean community via blockchain forums, KakaoTalk/ Telegram along with making Korean marketing content and infographics to show how YFI works and why it is such a hot defi topic in the crypto space. We would also translate the website and blog posts for our Korean audience.


Right now, the defi and YFI is the center of attention in the crypto markets. However, in South Korea, most of the discussions around YFI are solely focused on its price, and there is not much discussion or attention about the workings of the dapp itself. We can summarize the following reasons:

1. Lack of information on Korean websites

When searching the keyword " YFI" on, the largest Korean search engine, there are no related results. This means there isn’t sufficient Korean information that can be looked at when people want to get to know more about YFI. (ps. over 80% of Korean use for their daily searches)

2. YFI site only has English

Although most Koreans know enough English to get by, using a fully English site with professional terminology related to crypto isn’t possible for the majority without a translation. Therefore, it greatly reduces the interest of Koreans who visit the site.

3. Insufficient understanding of the defi space

Decentralized finance is very popular but it is still a relatively new topic. At present, from our experience, except for price issues, not all Koreans can understand what defi is nor how to use it.

4. Lack of trust

Since many crypto scams have hit Korea lately, it is not easy for Koreans to take action when they don’t know much about the YFI, even though defi and YFI is a hot topic. This is why crypto users in the Korean market generally don’t understand YFI in depth.


1. To help people who are interested in DEFI or YFI understand the project better, we recommend creating a formal Korean community (Kakao Talk or Telegram)

a.UBB will help bridge YFI to the Korean community by releasing the latest news from YFI, answer questions from everyone, and coordinating with the YFI team.

b. Meanwhile, several events will be held in the community, such as DEFI weekly discussion, AMAs…etc, in order to help people understand more about Yearn.

C. This will help create a starting point for where the Korean YFI community can grow from.

2. To provide background knowledge of defi and YFI, we can help run the official social media: Medium & Naver Korean Blogs

Since DEFI knowledge needs to be conveyed through the accumulation of content, we recommend that YFI create an official Medium and Naver blog, where we can translate the official blogs to Korean along with other defi related articles, which will provide sufficient background knowledge and help the market public understanding more about the yearn ecosystem. In addition, articles posted on Naver blog will improve the search result, and it will be easy to be seen when people search for the keywords on

3. Translation Service

As mentioned earlier, the Korean market needs to be promoted in the local language. Therefore, at the initial stage of the promotion, it is suggested translating the articles on Medium, the site, and the platform into Korean.

We would love to see YFI community volunteers assisting in translation from English to Korean. Except for that, UBB also can provide services with a rate of 0.15 USD/word when needed.

During the time we support yearn, UBB will provide free translation services for content under 300 words whenever the community needs.


15 Cents per word?!? Thats nuts.


$0.15 a word for a TRANSLATION? That’s like closer to what I charge for copywriting.

한국어 번역하기 힘들더라고 그 정도로 비싸지 않아요…


we would need someone with those skills but translations should be included in the salary. Korea and indonesia and japan are nice countries to harvest. Japanese community should be engaged hardly

I think we have much more important things to focus on such as health and governance of the protocol vs paying for what is essentially a marketing service. Once Andre and the core team are getting compensated fairly for all of their services, then we can talk about marketing in other countries.


I agree with you about priorities. That’s could be a reason to think to delegate marketing. Hasn’t the team the 500k of the fund received? How it works exactly. I am newbie here

All for onboarding additional communities, but paying on retainer like this makes no sense to me.


I think it could be a good idea to start and help have people manage a Korean community. Maybe we can find people to translate things into Korean on our own. I would really like to see yfi go international asap.

yeah im sure we have multi lingual YFI holders amongst us that would be more than happy to help out with translations. No need to pay for that sorta thing.


I am YFI holder and Korean. I am working on translation for free. I don’t think we have to pay money to translate in certain language at the moment. If anyone is interested in translate in Korean, please join here.


I’m embarrassed.
They are offering exorbitant prices for translation.
Also, the link being inserted into Naver is not an expense for the Yearn community.
and, commercializing community buildings is a business that has already been ended.
If you have YFI, we know that you listen enough for Yearn.

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I just created this. Could you reclick the link?

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Hi all, thanks for the opinion. Our focus of the proposal is to promote YFI and let people understand it. To provide translation service is not our main service on the proposal. And if you have looked at the proposal in detail, you may know we are actually willing to provide free translation whenever the community needs it.

However, at the beginning of the promotion, it would be good if the Korean version of the site and Medium is ready. As our rough calculation, the total number of words on those sites is over 8,000. Like we mentioned in the proposal, we are happy to see many volunteers translate it. If not, then the translation service will be the second option. Of course, we hope there will be no chance to provide a translation service. : )

You didn’t listen to community at all.
It’s not just that translation costs are expensive. Why don’t you volunteer for free if you expect the price of YFI to go up?
Tokens are no longer generated, and YFI is not listed on the Korean exchange.

Who answers to the AMA? It’s Governance.
Why don’t you create a community for free Korean Governance?
The community itself is governance.

And if you were confident, you would have done the same with other protocols. You have to show them that.
Now it seems like you’re simply trying to extort money from your actions, your expressions of good words, by stimulating expectations.
(You should be aware that your reliability has been compromised by the fact that you have already requested $0.15 for translation.)

For the community with all your heart, do it first. Please request Grant later.

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Remember me If you guys ever need translation to brazilian portuguese (pt-br)
I can translate everything you need, website, FAQs, Medium posts… all of it
Won’t charge a dime of course… it’s my pleasure to help
If the link doesn’t work just look for me in the YFI telegram groups

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@aLeo I’ve been translating some of the ycosystem information resources to portuguese myself and would be happy to share and help you translate and create additional informational material in portuguese if you’re interested!

Yes I am fish
send me a DM, lets work on this together

If we absolutely don’t want a Korean company’s help to work with and help build a Korean community being the go between that’s fine. If it’s something that might be possible though we can give them constructive criticism for how to change their proposal and make it better: what we would require of them, for what price it would be reasonable, ect instead of just flaming them for over priced translations.