We Need Better Docs -- Who Can Help?

We need better docs.

Please weigh in here with your thoughts to help us self-organize and take this on together.

We’ve also created a special interest group on the discord as an HQ for on-going work in this domain: #documentation

Here are some initial guidance questions:

  • what docs do we need?
  • how should we self-organize around docs management?
  • what should docs.yearn.finance look and feel like?
  • what are the best documentation examples in DeFi? (I like https://docs.aave.com/portal/)

Call to Action — we need your help!

  • Wizards who understand each detail of how yearn works
  • Technical writers
  • Copywriters
  • Editors
  • Motivated folks with project management skills
  • Web devs
  • Designers and illustrators (for graphics, diagrams)
  • Animators, video-makers (Zapper example)

Join us on #documentation and let’s get this done.

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Hey there,

This is danger.

I’m a professional copywriter/marketer, 7 years and counting.

Also have an engineering degree

Can definitely help out here, esp. on copy side.

My time is pretty limited but I just want to put my name out there.

I’ll try to check back in on this thread but feel free to dm me here or on twitter for this.


Apparently Gitbook supports the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese (simplified) and Japanese. And allow for multi-lang documentations.

I’d be interested in helping for a French translation.

Also, we definitely need Chinese!


I can also help translating them to Spanish.


I can translate every bit into Chinese.


Would be happy to translate everything available to portuguese, I’ve been doing it for personal use anyway


Amazing turn out! Thanks everyone so far, this is going to be great.

Realized we also need designers and illustrators to create graphics. And would be great to do animations and videos too. Will update.


I can translate to italian!


Small suggestion,

It’s great to have a full blown documentation such as docs.yearn.finance or a knowledge base like learnyearn.finance but it would be also good to have a FAQ on the Yearn website(s)

I’m thinking of a one page like the one made for Dharma (link)

Of course there would be links from this simpler FAQ to the more detailed documentation if needed.


Count me in for Spanish translation :point_up_2:t2:


Have you seen https://docs.yearn.finance/faq? Or were you thinking of something different?

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Yes I saw it. I was thinking of something directly on yearn.finance that doesn’t take you out of the UX/UI of the main website. A page like https://www.dharma.io/faq
A bit like how you stay in the same flow when you move from vaults to zap.

yes, agreed. I think we’re waiting on a site redesign or update for that, but maybe we should find a quicker way to do it.

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What docs do we need?

  • A set of Economic and Tokenomic concepts that are the base for yTokens, yVaults (pools).
  • a Definitions of KPIs displayed through the website: APY, ROI, etc. What they mean, and how are they calculated to drive further trust and inform each user about how to calculate their profits and risks.

I made a dashboard with how-to for this process in hackmd, it’s here: https://hackmd.io/@yearn/docsHQ/edit

Rule #1 : Have an idea to make something better? Don’t ask, just do it. Version tracking exists. :exploding_head:


Well use on daily basis , DeepL :

  • Free of charge, fast and easy
  • Need a certain amount of text for good results

Finally, DeepL is, as you might expect, not wholly error-free. But It is japan friendly , and more languages will come soon.


I’m so happy that @tracheopteryx is leading the way on official YFI docs and will support any way I can!

The burden has been lifted.

I can now return to doing what I do best… spreading the gospel of YFI.

Few understand.


I would love to help. As part of being a Sr. IT Engineer, I have over 15 years experience writing Standard Operating Procedures, Internal Procedures, and Instructions for commercial and government research labs that are utilized by Engineers and Technicians. I attempt to write my documentation so that it can be generally understood by a layperson with some minimal knowledge of the field.

You may have seen me on the YFI subreddit. I’m the most active contributor there and I patiently educate and answer questions from crypto newbies and new YFI investors. Fortunately, I discovered the wonders of BTC at about $50 and I soon started mining with Gen 2 ASICs and GPUs in my home. I went on to organize some of the largest community run Bitcoin mining pools. At its peak, our community’s hashrate was larger than most large countries on the biggest mining pool at the time. I have also run community organized Darkcoin Masternodes running Alpha code, where I was also the SysAdmin of the Masternode servers.

I’ve also written guides to help my fellow crypto investors, including this yield farming guide well before the term DeFi became the biggest thing in crypto in 2020:

And how to use CeFi to stack LINK:

(a deleted post because apparently we’re only supposed to talk about the wonders of delivering untampered oracle data, and Chainlink business deals)

My next guide will be released today. It was requested by a couple members in the ETHtrader sub. It’s a write up about the process of earning higher interest on their LINK deposits in the form of aLINK and yaLINK.


BTW, I absolutely love your work. Thank you!

I’ve directed a couple of YFI newbies on Reddit to your repository, as it’s probably the best all-in-one information repository about this project.

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Wow! Well done.

I may have to take you up on your offer. Anyone feel free to edit/delete anything I may submit, as no one’s prefect and all that.

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