Centralized Exchange Listing

If any CEX(Centralized Exchange) wants to list YFI, kindly let them. CEXes will still be here for a foreseeable future. Don’t tell them we aren’t interested.

Of course we won’t pay them anything or anyhow but don’t tell them we aren’t interested :slight_smile:


It doesn’t matter what we say to them. The demand for YFI is why they’ll all list it.

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Correct, let them do what they want to do. There’s no need to go up to them to get a listing though, times are different now :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally if there is enough interest/money to be made the exchanges will list it themselves anyway imo. Here here - https://www.binance.com/en/support/articles/a2e3970cd7334b659d426e547f7bcea0. Since Binance has already done you can expect more to follow soon too.


Congrats on the Binance Listing everybody!

Let’s hope coinbase custody and pro come to Waifu soon :slight_smile:


Pretty sure that CEX will become more and more popular nowadays, especially when you have money so companies with White-Lable decisions can create the best Centralized Exchange for you. :grin:

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