Future direction of Woofy

What could we do to market this token better? Is there a point to Woofy?

There doesn’t seem to be much hype around it at the moment and i’d like to help change that.

I was thinking a NFT project we could commission from artists - 1 for every dog type!

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i think the dao would need to go all in with woofy to have a shot at making a dent with unit bias. ie start paying contributors & strategists in woofy, cut woofy deals with the ohmies & tokemak, establish relationships with exchanges.

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That would be an exciting direction to take. I think there is no real downside to establishing relationship with exchanges so thats a good starting point if you fancy working together with me communicating to different CEX’s?

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happy to try to help @glenn. i would’ve guessed we’d want to show good volumes on dex’s first before pitching the case to cex’s. surprised the ohmies haven’t jumped in this thread yet :joy_cat:

Yeah good point, I’m not sure how we go about getting higher volume on the DEXs other than paying people to talk about Woofy

it’d be a questionable strategy for sure but that’s the type of job liquidity mining, olympus and tokemak were made for no?

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