PROPOSAL IDEA - Mint YFI and invest!

So there is a lot of talk around minting more YFI for some dev ops, yearn ecosystem development, and what not.

Proposal Idea

  • mint x YFI
  • deposit x YFI into some interest bearing product
  • use the interest that is generated for dev ops and YFI buybacks

In my mind this logic makes much more sense than just minting YFI and using those YFI as a means to pay for dev ops.

Then I have a thought, why not create an inflationary protocol for YFI token, but the inflation would be contingent on the YFI being minted to be deposited into some interest bearing product, then following the same logic above.

This wouldn’t affect holders of YFI, as the price of YFI shouldn’t be affected from dilution. As the YFI that is created would never be sold.

Can someone explain why this is a bad idea, or possible refinements? I personally think minting would be amazing for the YFI ecosystem. But only if the minting follows this logic.

Thoughts? refinements?

you guys are the best <3

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