Porting to ETH L2 rollups

AAVE and Curve had already said they are working hard on being present on L2 zkrs from the begining. I think so should yfi, ib, fixedforex, kp3r. Are we also heading that way? @andre.cronje @banteg

If not, we should start looking into it imo. Masses will migrate to L2 sooner rather than later.

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Yes, it’s coming, Arbitrum will be the next ecosystem Yearn expands into.



Great to hear. I strongly believe rollups are the future (especially zkrs) if ETH wants to survive in long term. They didn’t increase the block size :wink:


Hey! I’m with Optimism, and although I’m not an official mouthpiece, I’m confident in stating we’d be extremely interested to have Yearn on our rollup.

Our EVM-equivalence update completed recently. The whitelist is coming down very soon - and is effectively down as we committed to let everyone on the network that fills a form after at most one week. (We do this, out of an overabundance of caution, to have a line to builders in case we need to do a network update. We don’t want to break anyone’s project. The flip side is that builder have a direct line to us to ask questions / get support.)

With the EVM equivalence update, Optimism should be the easiest L2 to deploy to. We’re seeing an increase of the projects deploying and except that to really kickoff once the whitelist disappears. Yearn being there early would be extremely well positionned to capitalize on the juicy opportunities that come with starting projects.

We’re also extremely aligned with the crypto/DeFi ethos. E.g. we redistribute part of our fees to builders that are not otherwise getting fairly compensated (see Vitalik’s review of our first distribution round).

I’d be happy to answer / forward any questions!


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