Y Tokens at Exchanges

I would like to stress to the community that for YFI to grow to widespread adoption and so benefit the most users, it is important that we position Y Tokens as a viable alternative for exchanges to list, so that their users automatically earn yield (rather than holding USDC or USDT, hold YUSDC or YUSDT).

Many exchanges list DAI pairs, some exclusively. How much better would it be if they listed YDAI pairs?

This will require us as a community to make a concerted effort to persuade exchanges. Reaching out to their reps, asking for Y pairs.

The VC competition at Mstable is trying to do this - see their recent retweet:

They have a huge headstart as investors in Mstable are also investors in FTX and Deribit. They also have their bags acquired at 20c that they want to offload.

We have community, a fair distribution, and passion to have the equal, decentralised vision win. Let’s make it happen.

In an ideal world, exchanges will list both MUSD and Y equivalents, and users can decide for themselves.