Front-End Upgrades

First off, super proud of us for passing YIP 35 and 36 in the way that we did–no hate to anyone who voted against, just personally think both were great for us to keep going forward.

We have best back-end engineers in the space. Can we bring the front-end up to the same level as the back-end? It doesn’t need to be super beautiful or anything; I love Curve’s even though most people might not.

What are thoughts here? Personally, I’d be a fan of allocating ~10-20k to a designer to bring the whole YFI tool set under one brand instead of fragmenting them across different sites, simultaneously making the UI more consumer-focused.


Support, UX or UI is essential for a product nowadays.


Thread on design here :


@Substreight @milkyklim

Where is the best place for special interest groups to meet?


  1. Create a category in this forum
  2. Create a separate discord channel just for special interest groups
  3. Use current discord and create a new channel for each group

Let’s create a process/structure. But I would like to hear your thoughts.


Depending on where people live either make separate discord channel (3) or telegram group for that.

I prefer the last.


Just a thought…once u guys come up with a design spec may be start a contest on a site like 99 designs,

Once we pick a design we like we could work with the same team for future tweaks/updates?

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Please see our comments on the other thread. Our design lab is already working on it.


I suggest each special interest group should have a category on this forum, a telegram group, and a discord channel.

  • Telelgram group is where the core contributors would get most of the actual work done
  • Discord is for random chatter and feedback on the topic that can be a good resource
  • The Forum is kind of the main stage, the place to share the best ideas, progress, get feedback, and make proposals.

It feels like a lot, but as long as we are using these 3 tools it seems best.

We could let each special interest group decide what they want.

Yeah, was thinking that too actually. So many ways to organize and collaborate

Awesome. Then we can just keep going. I just suggested incase we needed it. Keep up the awesome work!

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I come from the NEO universe – have been watching that space for a few years closely, have a dApp in it – one bright spot is Nash, a DEX (they handle chains other than NEO, including ETH).

Now it doesn’t have much volume, but what it DOES have is fiat onramps and proper money transmitter licenses in the US. ‘Few understand’ the power of this :slight_smile: It is also the ONLY DEX that handles true Bitcoin, not wrapped BTC.

I was thinking about Nash + YFi, something pretty interesting UI-wise for ‘normies’ is possible:

YFi / Yield Farm for Anyone:

  • Insert your $USD here
  • Here’s how much % you made today (accumulates)
  • Get your $USD out here

You don’t have to understand a thing. It’s a Coinbase-dumb UI. Onramp / Offramp in $USD for YFi.

If this existed – and given the % returns that are possible in the YFi universe, I think it could be enormous.


Do it! :slight_smile:

Agreed! Please do this.

Ah – to be clear – I do not run Nash.

My project is Guardian Circle – but we have a token listed by Nash, so I know the founders pretty well.

I have passed this idea along to them and encouraged them to do it. They are definitely heading towards DeFi as fast as possible, but don’t think they’re sold on this specific idea yet (they have a million things they COULD be doing).

I’ll keep hitting them up :slight_smile:

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It’s a win-win for them imo since YFI has a stellar reputation within defi space. It’s a great way for them to get recognition within defi space. Not to mention, all the potential new defi users which will onboard to NASH first.

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Would be great for Nash and YFI! Please do it! Need an easy way to onboard my friends in the US :slight_smile: