Behind the scenes of the new $YFI Subreddit launch

$YFI expands social media reach to Reddit
This is also an opportunity for me, a new Community Manager and assistant to the Devs for $YFI to introduce myself to you all.

Please stop by the new subreddit and help out if you can. I worked with trach and gismar to get it set up.

TBH, there’s so much interest and so many questions that we simply need more people that know the answers to questions.

Some of it is basic, some of it is technical but we’ve had a lot of interest in the new subreddit, and even though there’s 5 of us moderators, even after less than two days Reddit has already kinda “hugged” us to death as we’re onboarding a lot of new investors and users (650 in less than two days at last count)

Direct link to the new Official Subreddit for $YFI:


Awesome job guys, spread the love

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