Twitter threads - An ongoing post with quality tweets about YFI: Explanations and How To's

I will be updating this post will good tweets I find on twitter about the yearn ecosystem.

A good introduction and general overview of yearn in 26 tweets by @litocoen

@Spreekaway on how fork-able is YFI?

@MapleLeafCap's framework on YFI and its value proposition

@DeFiGod1 on the history of YFI's launch and what makes YFI so important

@anildelphi breaks down what is so powerful about the yeth vault

@ValueMaximalist on YFI's value proposition, value accrual, and strong community.

@lisajytan lays down a ELI-Highschool version of what the new StableCredit USD product is all about

@Ryanwatkins_ on what exactly StableCredit is


@DefiGod on v2 Vaults and recent gov changes

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