Allow yGov Rewards Claim indefinitely after 3-day lock in absence of a new voting proposal

We are participating in Governance, yet cannot claim our Rewards when there are no new voting proposals. Gas fees often force us to wait to Claim past the currently codified window. Let’s change this.

Let’s be allowed to claim our yGov Rewards anytime indefinitely after the 3-day lock period so long as there is no other proposal up for vote.



I agree that there needs to be some change here or we will start seeing YIPs consisting of just vote yes so I can claim my votes, lol.


Agree. I keep wanting to withdraw my yGov rewards and put them immediately into a Vault where they could be earning more ROI … but I’m stuck until the next vote, and missing compound interest in the meantime.


Thank you Dark. Thank you Mark. Y’all come back now for my next poetry reading.

Who can we speak with to help write the code for something like this?


Thanks for proposing. We definitely need this.

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Amen. Replying so it bumps up and stays front burner.

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There was another thread talking about removing the lock all together which I didnt agree with.

This one is much better. Sort of a mid way point. As long as you vote, you should be given the ability to withdraw funds at a time you are available to and actually want to. ie when gas prices are low.

Once you have withdrawn once, you need to vote again to be able to withdraw again.


Appreciate the feedback. I would comment also that we should be able to continue to claim rewards so long as there are no new votes.

So if
Vote 1 is on Monday, we can claim on Thursday (3 days later)
And if there are no more proposals to vote on for the next 3 weeks we can still claim anytime we like.

It is only when there is a new proposal after Vote 1 that we would have to re-vote and wait another 3 days to claim.

I think the current strategy is correct - $YFI is supposed to be the govern token, not a reward machine.

In order to gain from it, you should be involved in the society and the way the is growing.

Though, I can see the reasons why people with bigger amount of $YFI would like to withrawal the rewards much faster, than once every month (we don’t know how often those voting may be in the future).

One of the solution is to put the time-stamp/deadline: if there is no voting for a period of let’s say 30 day, everyone is able to withdraw the money.

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Would be nice to get a paycheck at least every 2 weeks, like all other workers do. 30 days seems a bit lengthy.

Also if we allow people to claim more frequently, in absence of a new proposal, there will be more buying pressure for YFI, as some of this yCRV inevitably will be used to purchase more YFI and help stabilize the price.

We need this, I have 2000usd reward , but I can’t claim it and buy YFI.

Amen brother, bumping to keep on front burner.

I agree that there needs to be some change here or we will start seeing YIPs consisting of just vote yes so I can claim my votes, lol.

I don’t see any issue with this. If people want to pay gas and lock up their YFI to cast such a vote, let them.

I don’t think there should be indefinite claim after 3 days of no new proposals though. Maybe 30 days is a more fair number.

Those actively involved in Governance on a daily basis would appreciate being able to claim at least every 2 weeks, which is the standard paycheck cycle.

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I can’t see why anyone would say no to this :slight_smile:

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I miss the days when there were 3 YIPs up for a vote :slight_smile: Been waiting for a new one so I can withdraw into yyCRV / yUSD Vault.

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Lets agree to disagree, by staking YFI you are forgoing opportunity costs and promoting yfi as a store of value as it sits idle.

Requiring a vote to withdraw is a moot point, because the rewards only accrue as long as your YFI is staked.

With the recent snapshot voting proposal, the vesting paradigm itself is invalidated.

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@aaron would you explain what you mean by “the vesting paradigm itself is invalidated”? Are you referring to the 3 day vote lock?

aha great point, totally forgot about this, thanks brotha.

Sorry to be imprecise, but the “vote via snapshot” proposal should supersede this thread. Nobody will vest YFI and forgo opportunity cost once snapshots are enabled.

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