Make it possible to withdraw funds - without voting

Hi there,

I would suggest that the logic regarding withdraws of funds from GOV should be changed:

Make it possible to withdraw funds from GOV without voting - when no (active) YIP exists.

It is not at nice feeling - that all the funds are just “locked” for an unknown amount of time (without any reason).

I don’t know how to make a propper YIP - so please help me. I believe it would be in the best interest for everybody :slight_smile:

I mean, I do see the validity in locking up for liquidity’s sake.

But it makes zero sense to lock up all users funds - just because it is not possible to vote.

Scenario 1: User add funds, 1 week later vote and withdraw funds.

Scenario 2: User add funds, votes many times during 1 month, suddenly no new YIP is created for 1 month - the user now like to withdraw his funds …But can’t —> this is not smart or fair.

yearn doesn’t “lock up all users funds”, just the rewards if there is no voting going on. You can withdraw your yfi at anytime you like

By enabling this suggestion, you are effectively letting anyone at anytime withdraw their rewards. There would be zero incentive to vote for the majority of people that hold on average < 1 yfi, only the whales at can sway a vote would do so and we don’t want a small amount of people controlling things.

If there is a dry spell between votes, you could simply raise a YIP for the sole purpose of letting people vote to be able to withdraw rewards. I do not see that occurring in the near term with the sheer amount of activity going on.

YFI was created to be a governance token, not a profit share token…profit share is still critical to its success dont get me wrong here, but its not its primary function.

If this made it to a formal proposal i would vote no.


another thread on this topic Allow yGov Rewards Claim indefinitely after 3-day lock in absence of a new voting proposal