Yearn Recovery&Resolution Representative

I have worked with Yearn Recovery&Resolution Representative by the name Thomas John Sterling and Jonathan Okoye. I hed invested a lot of funds to retrive my walet from blockchain. My question to you is are this Recovery&Resolution Representative working for you ?
Also I would to ask you if you can help get my funds back, I belive this individuals scam my.
I have a lot of transactions through Wais and direct bank deposits to Elastium and Simplex.
I hope you can help me since this individuals are making your good name bad.
Best regards,
Cristian Hui
PS. I tryed to get your support services but I could not find them.


You can reach out to us in #support channel in our discord as this is a forum for governance related discussions, but generally if a user has scammed you in some manner, funds are hard if not impossible to recover.