Wanna speak a Support please

I Think my coins was stolen of one Support Fromm Telegramm so im not Sure and wanna mir Details please.



Unfortunately, if your coins were stolen by an “admin” that means they were a fraud and your coins are gone for good.

Nobody from Yearn will ever ask for user funds, nor for your private keys.

Hopefully you didn’t lose too much.

Good luck out there.


Sorry to hear this happened to you. Unfortunately, telegram is full of scammers and we try our best to warn users in our telegram chat about this issue. Since this is a governance forum and not a support forum I will lock this thread but if you need assistance you can direct message any of the mods on our discord or see #support there for help, or you can ask in our telegram or message the mods there. The mods in discord and telegram will never dm you first, nor ask for money.

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