[Proposal] To distribute funds back from Yearn


Realised that Yearn Deployer received funds. https://etherscan.io/tx/0x99c1c807590fc64230653550cb396851c570782941f51d5ce151b2d53c9a7876

Is this meant for Yearn? It does seem like it’s from Uniswap. To distribute funds back to respective users.


Someone minted Deriswap tokens and I traded them. Funds were then sent to Yearn Deployer. Kindly distribute back the funds if it’s not meant for anything relevant to Yearn.


Funds should be correctly distributed back to users, as it means a lot to others if not intended for use.


To breakdown and assess distribution respectively to each wallet.

For: To distribute funds back to rightful users.

Against: Not to distribute back funds and keep it.


How do I add a Poll for this?

First of all, don’t ape into trading if you have no idea what you trade.
You got lucky this time, scammer messed up to address and sent tokens to Andre instead.

If anyone will do full snapshot / merkle tree / distribution – funds will be sent to users. Without snapshot distribution process will be too tedious.
Reference for snapshot implementation: https://github.com/banteg/spank-uni-distribution


I guess that applies to most tokens in crypto. Even “teams” create tokens of out nothing. And people are free to trade anything.

Don’t think a scammer would deliberately send that much funds to Andre. There’s always a reason for everything.

OK, not sure how to do that snapshot though.

The most plausible explanation is the scammer has messed up their scripts and got rekt by the exact same thing they used to fool people - specifying to argument for swaps. There was one initial tx which did a swap and send to andrecronje.eth, to fool people into thinking Andre has bought the token. Ironically the proceeds from the scam went into the exact same address.


It’s odd how the funds are actually mostly owned by the sender, of $150k worth. https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf8308aaf11fc530caeb2e31eecd220f36561f550705411cd7413b151e4bbcd3b

Anyway who knows what the intentions are really. Just hope that everyone gets their funds back. And yes it’s fortunate that it’s with Andre. /closed

Hello, spoke to @andre.cronje and wondering if Yearn team is able to do a merkle and distribution system of these funds back to the respective wallets? @banteg

Call for coders:


Rhino here, I can build.


So only DSWAP
token holders will receive their funds back, and not DWAP
token holders?

Faked as well DSWAP

Greedy people or lack for a better term, apes who got faked here, but that’s crypto for you :rofl: And big props to yearn team for helping!

So anyone got the Merkle done?

That is not even from the same funds sent to Yearn Deployer. Different linkage

Closing this post for now to prevent spamming with user addresses; users who were affected will be able to claim if someone makes the distributor. We’ll notify here with any updates if/when this has been done.