$YAM Strategy for yCRV yVault

$YAM Wave 2 is about to launch and I predict a large withdraw of yCRV from yVault to participate in the Uniswap LP distribution unless yVault pivots to participate. In fact, we’ve already seen a lot of withdrawals. Are yearn luminaries on top of this? For yearn to maintain ascendency we need quick action methinks.


what is $YAM Wave 2? :slight_smile:

Second wave of distribution for YAM/ycrv pool LPs.

Yes agreed. Would love to see an yield optimized yVault strategy for YAM…I have some standby YCRV that I would love to allocate to such a yVault!

I was thinking the same thing, and also about other yam strategies. There are 8 pools active on yam.finance and the highest yield (lowest TVL) is from COMP, then SNX, then LEND, etc.

For people that don’t want exposure to COMP for example, but want the highest yields, could we deploy a multi-token yVault that stakes deposits as collateral to borrow COMP (or whatever the highest yield pool is) to farm that pool?

We may need that to farm enough YAM to make a YAM/yCRV vault possible.

Just to clarify, I’m talking about a new strategy for the “Curve.fi yDAI/yUSDC/yUSDT/yTUSD” yVault. The current strategy is set to Yfii. A YAM_Uniswap_LP strategy is what I’m proposing.

I suppose there could be a second vault but the whole point was to leverage existing liquidity on a more profitable strategy.

I understand, and I’m into thinking it through. One problem I see is to utilize that YAM/yCRV pool the yVault would need to deposit YAM and yCRV, and there is no good source of YAM other than by farming.

Game theoretically, yearn.finance will have a hard time recovering from this methinks. I predict yCRV yVault will be drained shortly to farm liquidity – a lot of $YFI is already staked to farm $YAM. Well played $YAM.

for the next few weeks…I agree with your thinking. But long term, YFI will be at the top of the food chain. Once the YAM reward drops off thats the real comparision…remember we currently dont have any YFI rewards also! Ofcourse YAM using ycrv as the base currency in the pool is mutually beneficial.

Agree. Yearn has best-in-class products producing real money every day. It can easily weather some TVL flow. I love YAM, and there will be many more veggies to enjoy in DeFi land, but yearn is a different ballpark.

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