Vault of Vaults?

Curve is thinking of adding a pool of Yearn vaults, which presumably will pay CRV.

Do we create a vault for that? Seems circular, but if already comfortable with CRV farming, may be a good idea.


This is…wow.

I suppose this would be exactly the same principal as the yCRV vault. Makes sense to me– but I think we should obviously wait to see if (really when) CRV will be allocated to this pool, because I don’t think it will immediately (but I could be wrong about this).

Definitely excited for this and think a vault is a great idea. My only concern would potentially be affecting the relative gauge weight on the other vaults, but seeing as how we currently have BUSD as a vault as well, perhaps that shouldn’t be a huge worry.

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We will not have to wait too long before the vote on Curve ends and then a little longer to find out the guage weights. Even if it comes in at the lower end (compared to other Curve pools), it could easily double or triple the APY compared to holding the vaults themselves based on the CRV that could be allocated.

The inclusion of USDC in the pool along with the stablecoin vaults should also make it easier to move between USDC and the individual vaults.

If this helps people enter yearn vaults easily and with a common stablecoin, that seems like a win for yearn.

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