YFI vaults using Curve after gauge vote

So I see curve return on y vault has collapsed to 3% up to 7.2% fully boosted after the curve gauge vote yesterday.

Are the YFI vaults moving fast to switch to other gauges like 3pool with much better returns? Or is the main vault StrategyCurveYCRVVoter locked into y vault?


So, yCRV is clearly locked in to farm using that pool.

However, I know there is a 3pool strategy in the works that should be surfacing soon. I imagine 3pool is going to become the de facto pool on Curve, as it has access to all of the meta pools, and it only makes sense for Yearn to farm it as well.

yCRV seems like it’s only going to be worthwhile for more stable yields once the CRV subsidies die down. Still a super useful pool, but not where the main CRV yield will be flowing.

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The switch of vault of $140m will trigger a lot of fees.

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