Strategy Proposal: Curve - 3pool ( LP)

Recently, Curve launched the “3pool” comprised of DAI, USDC and USDT. Currently this pool is earning ~40% trading APY and ~85% APY in CRV tokens, without any boost enabled.

Boosting up to 2.5x for this gauge starts on 20/09/2020 17:58:29 UTC. That would bring CRV farming APY over 200% APY, at current rates and gauge weights.

This pool is gas optimised, and will be used as a base pool for future meta pools on Curve. Because this pool is likely to offer the best prices, it will also likely be one of the Curve pools getting the most volume and hence Curve platform trading fees.

More info here:

Open a new Vault: " LP"

Allow deposits of 3Crv tokens (token address = 0x6c3f90f043a72fa612cbac8115ee7e52bde6e490).
These can be used to automate CRV farming, similar to the y, busd and sbtc LP Vaults.

Additionally, other Vaults (e.g. yETH, yDAI, yUSDT, yUSDC) could plug into the same strategy.

Enabling boost on this strategy would further increase rewards, especially with the veCRV incentives coming up.

Future APY for this 3pool strategy will very likely be higher than the current strategy of the yPool (StrategyCurveYCRVVoter), which currently handles most of the yVault funds.


I think this would require curve to create a y3pool?

:slight_smile: it’s not fully integrated into all places in the Curve UI yet, but it’s live!


Like @monet-supply said: the pool is live, and already holds over $100M in funds.

Probably a good idea to let the other Curve vaults to get their boosted strategies in place (yUSD, sBTC), but after I think this could definitely be a valuable addition.

The Yearn Ecosystem is missing out on some nice gains. After today’s new gauge weight votes, returns on the y pool and bUSD pool went down significantly.

Today’s APYs on Curve:
y Pool = 13% to 32% → ~15% APY at current yVault boost
bUSD Pool = 3% to 8% → ~4% APY at current bUSD Vault boost
3pool = 18% to 46%

If we add a 3pool Vault with 10M liquidity, it would earn a boost of 2.20x or an APY of 40%. That is
If we add a 3pool Vault with 100M liquidity, it would earn a boost of 1.15x or an APY of 21%.
In any case, a higher APY than the current bUSD and y pool Vaults.

Also, the 3pool is allot cheaper to boost than the bUSD pool.

This has been made, implemented, and is currently fully boosted. You can invest in this vault at until it gets merged into the main site.