Create New Strategy to farm YFV

This is a copy&paste of franklin’s SWRV proposal, but suggesting YFV instead: Seed Pool v2
Create a new strategy (or vault, if applicable) that would deposit stablecoins (DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD), to farm FARM.

Yearn has a large reliance on Curve and farming CRV in order to generate yield for its primary product: yVaults. This proposal would expand Yearn’s yield-generating activities to another asset (YFV) and protocol, reducing reliance of Yearn’s revenue on one governance token (CRV).

Reduce the reliance on CRV for Yearn’s revenue. Create more options end-users can use to obtain yield in the market. Yearn should not ignore and be limited to specific protocols for yield. We should be open to exploring and capitalizing on all opportunities in the market.


  1. Create a new strategy, or a new vault if necessary that would farm YFV.
  2. YFVis sold for the base asset in the strategy/vault. (Community could decide to implement keep or liquidate option separately.)
  3. Depositors have claim over the excess profits.

Proceed as proposed.
Do not offer YFV farming option.
Sorry, still don’t know how to do a poll.