Where to get alink?

New in yield farming. I want to join the alink vault. What is the best place to buy some alink?

And why alink vault doesn’t have impermanent loss? Alink is not a stable coin. See this: https://coinmarketcap.com/yield-farming/

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The source is AAVE, by providing LINK as collateral.
But if you wanted to enter the yaLINK vault you can just do it directly with zapper.fi from ETH, LINK or a handful of USDs

ImpLoss comes from having 2 different coins in a single pool, when the value of one token shifts the other token has to compensate. This is a simplification. But stable coin pools can gain ImpLoss too, just not so much when you have USDx/USDy in the pool as they are both pegged to the same value.

Does the apy go down if alink price goes down? Daily apy is 400%, why? Weekly apy is 26%?

Many factors change the apy regularly.

This is what’s happening to give you an idea.

“Uses aLINK as collateral to borrow USDC from Aave. The USDC is deposited into the yUSDC vault and farms based on that yVault’s current strategy (listed above). Excess profits are harvested and used to buy additional LINK, which is deposited into Aave for aLINK.” by dudesahn https://link.medium.com/ZHmwK3itzab

Which apy should i trust? Daily apy, weekly apy, etc? I am looking for average apy, similar to what i get from the bank.


Daily apy is too volatile sometimes. Alink vault has highest apy now, why don’t people all jump to alink vault?

Gas Cost to transfer eats profit. Swapping of exposure to underlying assets.to name 2