How will alink's profits in vault be distributed?

Hi… everyone I’m a rookie in DeFi and Yearn. May I ask, how will the profit of alink be distributed? Is it sent directly to my Ethereum address, or is it something I need to do? :roll_eyes:

When you deposit, your wallet gets yaLINK according to the equivalence at the time. That grants you rights to withdraw a sum of aLINK from the vault at gradually increasing rates.


Hi, vsear! Thanks for your response! :grinning: I have another question. This earnings are issued every period of time, for example, a week, or what?

Thank you!

i had the same question, i’m new here too and i don’t understand well or i can’t see what my ylink rewards are, or i don’t understand well

Contracts re balance on interaction I think. So every interaction your balance will be updated - whether you can tell though is another story.

Hi, this earnings will not issue to your address automatic, but earnings are calculated every block. When you withdraw your alink token, you will get earnings together.

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