Alink yvault vs curve's hBTC-wBTC

Alink yvault vs curve’s hBTC-wBTC, which one is better investment? Which one is safer?

Alink yvault has no impermanent loss but it depends on alink price movement, hBTC-wBTC has low impermanent loss but it depends on crv price movement. Alink yvault apy is 23.4%, hBTC-wBTC apy is 28.5%.

What do you think?

I’d go with which ever underlying assets you personally feel more confident in. What are you bullish in LINK or HTC

I am pretty sure hbtc pool isn’t subject to impermanent loss.

I would check these sites for stats on the vaults,, and I would generally use the 1 week or longer to estimate apy as it will show a yield closer to what you will probably get than 1 day, or 3 days. Also as @Ceazor has stated these are completely different assets and usually most people just put in the asset they are holding into the place that has the best apy. Unfortunately, this forum is for governance discussion, but you can ask in our chats on telegram or discord if you have any other questions.

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