Vote for the next delegated vaults with our new signaling tool

We’ve got a new signaling tool!

Please vote for the delegated vault you want to see next in this poll @andre.cronje just made


this is fking awesome. nice job!

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Love the new voting interface - sign to vote too ! Nice job


Can LEND be added to this poll?

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Big thanks to Fabian for building the tool and getting us setup :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


For clarification, REN is being proposed, correct? NOT renBTC. Just REN. I think there may be some confusion there.

Yes, it’s REN being proposed, not renBTC

i think aave is quietly phasing lend out in favor of $aave & $ghst.

Why is aSNX not an option in the vote list?

I believe SNX is already in process commander Data

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Closed since inactive. Feel free to reopen if this topic is still relevant.