yBaskets - A thought experiment

Assuming the votes pass, we’re about to launch a proof of framework with delegated vaults (regenerative yield farming) on two different platforms (aave + snx) with ylink and the ysnx.

Once we have proven those frameworks’ viability / made sure the contracts stand, would adding new vaults on those platforms be as simple as be changing coin names, checking profitability, and deploying new contracts? (Like how mintr was used to launch YFI)

Why I’m asking:
It might be interesting to see a delegated vault with ysDEFI, ysBTC, or yaycrv (or something similar with a basket of stablecoins). Or something even better I don’t even know about. Feels like vaults in those areas could create some good AUM gravity and create positive feedback loops in a way that would propel the protocol.

Trying to further my knowledge and understand the way forward a little deeper. Thanks in advance.

I believe the general consensus at the moment is to add many additional assets to yVaults over time as the community votes on various proposals. LINK had unanimous support with the passing of YIP33, so we should see additional YIPs for additional assets soon.

You can see the current discussion on the next assets to be added here: [Poll] Next Token for yVaults

For me as a buy and hold type player in crypto this would be really cool. Imagine putting your portfolio to work with each token you own in a yVault, always gaining interest on top of your assets appreciating in value. Better yet, what if all those yTokens were in a liquidity pool gaining exchange fees. Yearn is for a real some defi inception and the possibilities are endless.