Proposal: yVaultVault

Some users want to put money down in a vault and forget. Also, those users don’t really want to spend too much time thinking on what vault is the best vault and they don’t have particular preferences of exposing themselves to different currencies. I propose the yVaultVault, it’s a vault that always chooses the most performing vault or a mix of those vaults.

The yVaultVault holds yVault tokens (e.g. yUSD), buys and sell them or performs the full transfer (e.g. yaLink to USDC to yCurve to yUSD).

The vault governance will decide whether or not a strategy will make sense


What currency would it take? Eth? I have been thinking about a vault the switches to the best vault as well.

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i didn read past the title and i’m totally for it.


I like the idea. However this users should be bound to allow YFI to take fee from their yield to pay for their vault switch. We can treat it like a premium service and therefore there would be additional fee that would be charged. however it would still be more efficient for the user compared to when they do this manually

This is something that could increase user retention, something important to maintain user base from moving somewhere else…


I like the idea as it’ll be somewhat like an auto yield farming contract.
Technical implementation might take a longer time as there are many moving pieces and will continue to become more complex over time as more vaults are introduced.

However as a brand marketer, the name is going to be quite confusing to newbies. May I suggest changing the strategy name to yAuto?


yVaultVault is so catchy, few will understand!

Although I generally agree, we can start restricting it only with usd based vaults so that you are guaranteed to always put money in the one with most earnings.

This is an old proposal, but how would we feel about something like this now? Maybe it distributes it’s holdings across the top 5 strategies based on APY?


More feedback on feeling


That is an exciting proposal. My feeling is that a yVaultVault would basically substitute every strategy. Why put money in a certain Vault if through the yVaultVault I could reach a better result? Having such a tool could possibly discourage the farming of certain tokens which are of interest for the growth of our community