Visibility of earning in vaults

Why cant Yearn implement on the vault page a counter showing how much is current holding of a depositor. Most other aggregators and liquidity pool do this. compound protocol for example has a very neat counter next to the amount deposited into its liquidity pool. Pancakeswape does the same.

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This is being worked on for the next version of the website!


Would be also quite good to have a 24 hour accumulated zap feature on all of the vaults

What do you mean by that?

Something like the PowerIndex has in Yearn Lazy Ape Index. Accumulation of funds for 24 hours and transfer in bulk. I have not tried it yet, but sounds like a good idea in principle for small depositors who at the moment cant afford to participate in vaults due to high gas price.


I think batching deposits would be a great idea.

At the moment the cost of entry and exit for one of the Yearn vaults is 150 bucks. Lets say that APY is 16% and the holding period 1 month. The minimum investment to break even on exit is then 11 250 USD, and thats only to break even. So to make a meaningfull return one has to put in a minimum of 10K and hold it for minimum of 6 month. That basicaly cuts off all the small guys


That’s a valid point. I think batching could lower the entry and exit fee substantially.

Batching plus a move to a Layer 2 would be amazing!


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