Batched Deposits/Withdrawals into Vaults

I’ve seen discussions pick-up recently about batch deposits into yEarn vaults.

An old thread even exists covering the topic.

As far as I can tell Dharma is one of the only “big” players currently using this approach for users funds. However, they only batch deposits for Compound, but I still haven’t seen anything do batched deposits/withdrawals from yEarn vaults for smaller amounts.

Also, it seems might do something like this (at-least how I’ve seen it explained), but perhaps doesn’t? Hard to discern from just looking at the application.

Does anyone know if this exists or being developed?


I think you’re right on the Power Index. They do batching every 24 hours or whenever a batch gets to $500k.

I would love this feature in Yearn as well.

Maybe that selection could be made prior to the submission of their tx with a prompt. “Do you want this tx to happen now or be batched for an approximate 85% savings on gas?”


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