V1 vs V2 vaults

I noticed that V1 USDC APY is 40.79% yearn vs V2 USDC which is just 17.60% !
Is V1’s APY accurate ? If yes would you advise to deposit to V1 instead of V2 ?


In general, v2 vaults have been audited more than v1 vaults. The recent events involving the DAI v1 vault have shown one of the possible risks of using a v1 vault.

As always, assess risk based on your tolerances, and don’t invest funds you aren’t willing to lose.

Older vaults have different strategies, leading to different APYs. I believe the v1 APYs are accurate? You can compare with the APYs reported on the v2 site.

Edit: You can buy coverage for vault deposits here and here.


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