Treasury Update 20/12/2020

Timelock transactions have been submitted to be executed on 22/12/2020

  • Max KP3R-ETH to Sushiswap ~98% APY
  • Earned SUSHI will be staked for xSUSHI
  • xSUSHI rewards will be distributed to bonded KP3R
  • Remaining KP3R to Iron Bank (Cream v2) ~boosted xSUSHI rewards
  • Remaining ETH to Iron Bank (for Alpha v2) ~6% APY

what’s boosted xSUSHI rewards?

Hi, I just opened a new wallet and bonded my KP3R which will be pending activatable upon to Dec. 23rd. then will i receive the rewards daily? thanks for clarification in advance.


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Hi, I have bonded my KP3R, but I dont perform as a keeper yet. will I receive the Xsushi then?

Is there something wrong with withdrawing treasury? I see two failed tx in the timelock contract.

I have this same question. Can anyone answer?

for everyone’s easy viewing I have added a new page to track the treasury rewards


Great. But how to claim xSushi?

AC is farming SUSHI/ETH now. We should add SUSHI/ETH LP on the dashboard.

have updated it.


It is not KP3R’s treasury. It is more like Andre’s private treasury.
Borrow, repay, borrow, repay,
stake, unstake, stake, unstake,
add liquidity, remove, add, remove.
No xSUSHI rewards