Question about minting

I am confusing about minting new $kp3r token, now it is 200041 $kp3r in circulation, if i provide liquidity to eth/kp3r lp or other lps in future , can i mint new $kp3r tokens? Does it mean it will be inflationary like other yieldmining tokens?

I think only gov can vote to mint token, and Andre use it to mint 40 token, 10 for each job to get things started. I think it can only minted if we vote so. However, I am not sure about how does the providing liquidity part works, and what we get from it.


project can pay keeper directly in eth or tokens, and project can also provide liquidity to pay keeprs. in this part , it said keepers are paid by $kp3r, so i am confusing about it , will lps mint new $kp3r to pay the keepers.

One website say it was liquidity gains profit from uniswap trading, and if that liquidity token is given to a job, then the job would use that profit to exchange for KP3R and give it as a reward for keepers. But I am not sure if this is true or not.

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It seems to be up to the governance - which is not up for the moment. Let’s wait for Andre’s feedback in the meantime. In any case, looking awesome :slight_smile:

i thought that way , but notice that it can be minted new $kp3r for sure, the circulation of kp3r now is 200061 camparing with 200011 when release.

just want to know the exact meaning of these, like what is credit, if keepers are paid by $kp3r , what is the relation between credit and $kp3r.

For sure it can, I think now the key is hold by Andre, but I think later gov will take control for minting of the token. It is not minted by user, it is Andre using the key. 10 per jobs, now 6 jobs so 60 kp3r is minted by Andre.

I don’t think it will be inflated later when gov launched, unless most of the token holder agree to do so.

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Honestly, this project is brillant. You guys should run keepers. Everything makes sense. It’s all about decentralizing smart contract maintenance, which was a soft spot for failure until now. The more i think about it, the more i’m bullish on KP3R as a value accrual token.

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The relationship between minting <> credit <> liquidity is explained in the article below, hope it helps!

thanks andre, really helpful.

i believe keep3r is really briliant and helpful , but i am not sure how this system will give the intrinsic value of $kp3r, i see $kp3r will governance the treasury and receive some trading fees, is there anything i am missing?

It is pretty simple : the more transactions beeing handled by keepers, the more Keep3r is bought by projects to credit their jobs, thus creating a buying pressure. Then it’s all about governance: do we implement dividends, etc…

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that means other jobs will require their own tokens so keepers will need to buy that in order to do the job? and they get the very same token as reward?

i think project just need to put liquidity and it will mint new $kp3r for the keepers, so that means inflationary tokenomics.projects don’t need to market buy $kp3r.